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Mobile Master v6.2.2 Professional with SMS Servant

Edit your mobile phone address book using your computer
Synchronize data between your phone and PC, and much more


-User interface and help in
 English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Portugues, Italian, Nederlands

-Synchronize your phone / address book and calendar of the phone with:
 Outlook 97-03, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes R5-R7, Palm Desktop, Thunderbird,
 Sunbird,  Tobit David InfoCenter , Eudora, The Bat, Opera.

-Many filter,
 so that only the desired contacts/phone numbers will be stored in the phone,
 e.g. select only the folders (in Outlook) or categories you want to have in the

-Edit the phone's address/phone book, calendar and notes easily with your PC.

-Many im- and export filter, e.g. one click to copy all to Excel of Word..

-Send, read store SMS (text messages).

 for Outlook, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop Thunderbird and Tobit David

-Mobile Master runs without a phone connected
 so you can edit and view your data without the phone.

-File Manager
 Copy files to and from your phone, e.g. your photos and favorite MP3s/music files
 Copy your favorite play lists from iTunes and WinAmp to your phone.

-Copy Station
 to easy copy your address / phone book from one phone to another, e.g. from a
 Nokia phone to a Sony Ericsson phone or vice versa.

-Supported connections:
 cable, infrared (Irda), Bluetooth, up to COM port 255. Mobile Master will find
 your phone automatically

-for Sony Ericsson, Samsung , Nokia and Benq Siemens cell phones
 (GSM, UMTS, Siemens DECT) and Apple iPod

 for administrate/synchronize more than one phone.

-Mobile Master Agent
 to have quick access to Mobile Master, and to start e.g. a synchronisation
 automatically when you connect your phone with your PC.

-works with Siemens Gigaset S1, S44 as well.

unzip/unrar, use lic file from crack dir


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