Download Mail Washer Pro v4.1 serial by Salty

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    PrOgRaM Name: Mail.Washer.Pro.v4.1.FULL.Registered-Salty
    Download Url:
    CrAcKeD By: Salty
    CrAcKed DaTe: 06/02/05
    DiScS: 01
    PrOtEcTiOn : Shit-Loads
    PrOgRaM TyPe
    Os: WinALL
    LaNgUaGe: English

           Is spam driving you crazy? Junk e-mail is set to increase 
           exponentially over the next few years and has already become 
           a worldwide problem. According to "Jupiter Research", unwanted 
           e-mail or spam now forms around 36% of e-mail sent.

           You are just a few minutes from learning the easiest and most 
           powerful way to stop unwanted e-mail from getting to your 
           Forget about other ways to stop spam, we are going to show you 
           the ONLY way to deal to senders of junk e-mail so you receive 
           only the e-mail you want! 

           MailWasher Pro is the answer to your time wasting junk mail 
           problems, as well as letting you preview and delete your e-mail 
           before it gets to your computer, MailWasher Pro also lets 
           you BOUNCE e-mail back to the spammers so it looks as though 
           your address is not valid. Watch how quickly this gets you off 
           mailing lists! 

           Join over 3,000,000 other people who have downloaded MailWasher 
           Check out the easy way to get rid of spam and viruses. 
           Save time by only getting the e-mail you want!


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    Programming [ ]                                         

~~~ CrAcK TyPe

    SeRiAl   [*]  ReG PaTcH [ ]  NaG KiLLeR  [ ] CD ChEcK [ ]
    ReG FiLe [ ]  ReG CrAcK [ ]  TiMe KiLLeR [ ] GenKeY   [ ]
    CracK    [ ]  Other     [ ]  ScanPatcher

~~~ CrAcK Notes


    Just Register with the code in Rego.txt It's regged to the bloke
    who coded it! If ya like BUY the bastard! :)


~~~ GrEeTz

    TSZ * UCF * PC * CORE * DOB* TWH * InGe* BBS * HR * LJ* AS * MaxT 
    and my old friend's and mentor's Cosmo Cramer * and Kevin M******
    TheBrabo FreeJack Hetman AnD ThAnKs To ALL NiCe FoLkS

                                                       nfo by Salty


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