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NLRULEZ presents keygen for Directory Opus v8.2.1.0 PROPER inc valid serial


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       /   |   \|    |   |       _/    |   /    |    |    __)_  /     /
      /    |    \    |___|    |   \    |  /|    |___ |        \/     /_
      \____|__  /_______ \____|_  /______/ |_______ Y_______  /_______ \ 
                               [ P r e s e n t s ]

                  Directory Opus v8.2.1.0 PROPER inc valid serial
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      Released   : 6 March 2006                 :  Type       : Util
      Protection : Serial                       :  # of Disks : 3 * 2,8mb
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                                  [ N o t e s ]

   Nuked rls: 030506 Directory.Opus.v8.2.1.0.ANSI.WinAll-PH
            : 030506 Directory.Opus.v8.2.1.0.Unicode.WinAll-PH

   Yes, time for NLRULEZ to get to the rescue again! First off the noobs
   of PH should learn to PACK a release.....ever heard of a file_id.diz
   file, guys?? Standard scene rule, file_id.diz in EVERY zip file.
   Second, do you really think a crappy patch could do the work? We
   provide you a working serial! The PH patch does not remove all checks.
   The patch has to be deleted after its used or the prog wont even run.
   How about testin' your release??

   Owh btw, this is the FULL release. 
   The only diff between ansi and unicode is the self-installing executable 
   containing the latest ANSI version of Directory Opus - (Use with all 
   versions of Windows). And Unicode: self-installing executable containing 
   the latest Unicode version of Directory Opus (Use with Windows NT/2000/XP
   or later only)

   Box Hype:
   A file manager is, at its simplest, a utility program which presents 
   Lists of files and allows the user to perform actions of some kind on 
   Those files. File managers are useful for moving files between folders, 
   Making backup copies of files, viewing pictures and playing sounds, 
   Running other utility programs on lists of files, deleting unwanted files 
   And many other "housekeeping" tasks.

   Directory Opus goes beyond the simple file manager metaphor, and 
   Offers you a complete replacement for Windows Explorer and many 
   Other utility programs for handling FTP, ZIP, viewing files and images, 
   Running slideshows and more. It provides you with all this within a 
   User-friendly and fully-configurable environment within which you can 
   Access and manage your important data with a minimum of effort. 
   Harness the power of your computer like never before!
   * Designed for Windows: Directory Opus 8 has been designed and 
     Written from the ground up especially for Windows. Full support for 
     All Windows Operating Systems from Windows 95, 98, ME to 2000, 
     XP and 2003.
   * Familiar Interface: Unlike many other file managers, Directory Opus 
     Defaults to an Explorer-compatible user interface. You can immediately
     Begin using Directory Opus, with no learning curve, because it will 
     Feel extremely familiar and comfortable to you. But, you will find that 
     You can easily configure the interface to fully personalize your system 
     Including the use of dual file displays or multiple displays for special 
   * Fully Configurable Menus, Toolbars and Hotkeys: Directory Opus 
     Supports unlimited menus and toolbars. Toolbars can be attached to 
     Any side of a Lister display or can be independent free-floating 
     Windows. Directory Opus supports user-configurable hotkeys, both 
     For use within Opus, and globally throughout the system. 
     The Windows key is also fully supported!
   * Built-in ZIP and FTP Support: Throw away your external ZIP and FTP 
     Programs - Directory Opus lets you access ZIP files and FTP sites as 
     Easily as local folders! You can copy files from anywhere and to 
     Anywhere - even from an FTP site straight into a ZIP file!
   * True Multitasking: The object-orientated multi-threaded design gives 
     You unheralded power to perform multiple operations at the same 
     Time. Why should you have to wait for your computer to finish? Now
     You can begin one task and immediately move on the the next. Zip 
     One folder whilst unzipping into another, at the same time as you are 
     Downloading files from a remote FTP site and copying yet more files 
     Between your local folders, independently and reliably.
   * Support for Common Image and Sound Files: Directory Opus 
     Supports most common image and sound file formats. It provides a 
     Quick yet powerful image viewer which lets you view your pictures 
     Without having to load a large paint program! It also provides a 
     Thumbnails-style view of your folders, allowing you preview a large 
     Number of images to quickly locate the one you are looking for.
   * Built-in Viewer Pane: Quickly view pictures, text files and other types 
     Of files in the Opus Viewer pane directly in the Lister window. Opus 
     Supports a viewer plug-in system so you can add new drivers for the 
     Specific file formats you wish to view as they become available. 
     Directory Opus comes with plug-ins for many popular image and 
     Document file formats. Third party libraries can extend the viewing 
     Capabilities to include Word and Excel documents, Acrobat files and 
     Many other types of files. A free SDK is available for developers to 
     Write their own viewer plug-ins.
   * Enhanced Support for Digital Images: More than any other file 
     Manager, Directory Opus give you full access to the hidden details 
     Of the EXIF format for images from digital cameras. You can now 
     Sort images by any field and view all the information about your 
     Photos from shooting time, shutter speed, aperture, subject distance, 
     Metering type and more...
   * Enhanced Finding and Searching: Directory Opus lets you quickly 
     Locate the files you need, with an extremely powerful search system. 
     Does Explorer let you search for Led Zeppelin MP3 files recorded at a 
     Bit rate of 160 sometime between last Thursday and today? Opus 
   * Powerful Internal Command Set: With Directory Opus you are not 
     Just limited to functions given to you by the programmer. Directory 
     Opus's functions are built upon the most powerful file management 
     Command language available in any file manager. You can harness 
     This easily to create your own functions commands to perform the 
     Actions that YOU want to do.

     more at:

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                                 [ R i p p e d ]

  Nada, all is here.

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                         [ I n s t a l l   N o t e s ] 

     To register: 
     1. If Directory Opus does not display the Licence Manager 
        Automatically when you run it, open the Licence Manager by 
        Selecting the option from the Help menu in a Lister.
     2. Click the Install New Certificate button
     3. Enter your Registration Code (See below ) in the supplied fields
     4. Copy your Program Certificate, in Opus_Rego.txt 
        to the clipboard and paste it into the Licence Manager by 
        clicking the Paste button.

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                              [ G r e e t i n g s ] 

  This is a special joint release with my old mate CokeBottle who is 
  currently fighting for his live. Keep it up, bro!

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                          For the real people in the scene!
                         Lame loosers sellings CDs SUCK....