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CuteFTP Pro 3.0 Beta series - Perfect Patch

Company     : GlobalSCAPE, Inc.
URL         :
FTP         :
Product     : CuteFTP Pro 3.0 Beta build 10.xx.01 English (and maybe other builds & languages)
Product Type: Hi-tech FTP client, sure it is a professional thing - THE BEST & FORGET THE REST .
Rating      : 10/10 for me ... I don't know about you .

Protection  : really very awful CRC checks
              online serial and registration entries verfication !!
              hidden blocker to freeze the cracked program on the web
              very strange algorithm to check registry values, sometimes 
              the result of these checks turn into nag screens stating that
              crc values are incorrect, even if the program is intact (uncracked).
Patch Release date : 19/10/2002

Instructions : install this program , register with these data -registration is optional- :
 Name   : use any name you like
 serial : A9675644L45JJB

after that apply the patch - and enjoy a very friendly program

* Two files are targeted with this patch - you must ( and I mean MUST ) apply this patch 
  to both of them . The first one is in istallation directory and the second one is in
  the subdirectory ( TE ) .

* This is the only patch for this program on the web, and if you don't know how to use it
  go & buy the product online from GlobalSCAPE, Inc .